Physical Therapy

Compared to other specialties, Physical Therapy is relatively new in Veterinary Medicine. Most of the work on small animals has focused on the dog but it is possible to rehab almost any animal. Most people are familiar with the exercise/treatment aspects of physical therapy but the evaluation process is equally important. Treatments are unlikely to be successful long term without appropriate evaluation. We find that home exercise programs, when done properly, make a significant contribution to the recovery and long term maintenance of our patients.

Evaluation may include:

• Observation of structure and posture
• Palpation of muscles and joints
• Measurement of limb and joint range of motion
• Gait and movement analysis
• Balance and strength testing

Treatment may be directed at:

• Improving balance, proprioception & core strength
• General strengthening to improve mobility
• Promoting recovery from surgery or injury
• Improving flexibility
• Increasing speed, strength or agility for a specific task

Various treatment methods may be utilized:

• Exercises
• Stretches
• Massage
• Ultrasound
• Laser/light therapy
• Neuro-muscular electrical stimulation (NMS)
• Home exercises

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