The common perception is that chiropractors are moving bones that are “out of place.” Actually, chiropractic deals with joints that are either moving improperly or, more commonly, not at all. This is particularly problematic in the spine where each vertebra has at least four joints; two with the vertebrae on either side. The objective of manipulation is to return the affected joint or joints to proper motion.

This improper motion or lack of motion has two major ill effects. First, lack of proper motion in one area induces improper, compensatory movement in other areas so that the area of pain may not be the original problem area. The longer the problem exists, the more areas of the body will be affected. Second, if joints are not moving properly there is a lack of proper nerve stimulation. This may manifest as over-stimulation of pain sensory nerves and under stimulation of nerves associated with balance and movement. Under-stimulated nerves, like under utilized muscles, begin to weaken and function improperly as well. Therefore, the goal of manipulation is restore normal movement and help re-establish proper nerve function.

In our practice we primarily use Chiropractic techniques taught in American Veterinary Chiropractic Association approved schools. However, we also use techniques borrowed from Osteopathy, Chinese manipulative therapies and Physical Therapy. Therefore, “Spinal Manipulative Therapy” is a more appropriate term.

One of the difficulties with Chiropractic is that muscle memory and gait and posture abnormalities, over time, tend to induce the same problems. Therefore we seldom utilize manipulation alone. The addition of modalities such as acupuncture, movement analysis, pain management, massage, physical therapy and home exercise programs help prevent recurrence.

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