Herbal Therapy

Chinese herbal medicines are part of a comprehensive medical system based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). For some conditions they are effective when used alone. For others they are used in conjunction with acupuncture to enhance and extend the effects of the acupuncture.

The first Chinese text on herbal medicine was written in about 500A.D. This text contained twenty-seven formulas, which were indicated for various conditions based on a TCM diagnosis. These were very small formulas containing 3 or 4 herbs. Over the years these formulas have been modified to eliminate unwanted effects and to respond to changes in diseases. Today we have thousands of formulas, some containing as many as thirty different ingredients. About 85% of these formulas are based on the original twenty-seven. Some of the formulas were intended strictly for animals while many have been borrowed from human medicine for use in animals. Used alone, these formulas seldom have side effects. Most may be safely used with conventional drugs and the experienced herbalist will be aware of where problems may arise.

Herbal formulas may be used to treat any disease. They have been used for centuries to treat chronic, recurring diseases such as kidney failure and liver disease, skin diseases and neurologic diseases like seizures and strokes with good effect. They are also effective in slowing or eliminating many of the ill effects of aging. We find them to be particularly effective in controlling pain. Research into new uses and new herbal formulas is continuing all over the world but particularly in China where there are dozens of journals dealing with new herbal therapies. There is particular interest in herbal therapies for cancer treatment. At present these therapies seem to be most effective when used in conjunction with conventional cancer treatments.

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