There are two forms of Veterinary acupuncture training in the U.S.; Oriental Acupuncture which is primarily based on Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) and Medical Acupuncture which is based on Western medical concepts. Both utilize the same acupuncture points. They are just two different ways of looking at the same thing. In our practice we utilize Oriental Acupuncture. Most techniques used are Chinese with some techniques taken from Japanese and Korean sources.

Acupuncture is most frequently associated with treating musculoskeletal problems but it is also very effective in treating diseases affecting the various organ systems such as kidney, liver, skin and nervous system ( like seizures, strokes and degenerative diseases). Oriental acupuncture has the advantage of being a part of a comprehensive medical system, which allows it to be used in conjunction with herbs and other treatments to enhance its overall effectiveness.

Acupuncture is well tolerated by most patients. Some acupuncture points can be a little tender but, in general, the treatments are not painful. Most patients become very relaxed. The client is always in the room during the treatment and patients have never required sedation. We have treated a variety of species including dogs, cats, birds, rats, rabbits, squirrels and reptiles.
Treatments involve inserting very small diameter needles into sites, usually determined according to TCM principles. The needles are left in place for 10 to 20 minutes depending upon the condition being treated.

The basic theory behind acupuncture is that it redistributes Qi or vital energy from areas of excess to areas of deficiency; balancing the system. Acupuncture is not very good at producing new energy so we rely on diet herbs and electrical stimulation to create additional energy in old and weak patients. Young, energetic patients generally are expected to respond more quickly. The number of treatments and the treatment interval depend upon the problem being treated and the condition of the patient.

Acupuncture, like all other treatment methods, does not work for all patients. We have a pretty good idea of what the expected response should be for each condition and always keep people informed on how their animal is responding.

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